Monday, January 28, 2008

Backstory Part 3

The next day, Esoom Mendo and R2-CM had all the gear and supplies they needed ready and waiting next to the rest of the Ithorian volunteers stuff on one of the many landing pads. In the distance everyone could see a ship approaching. It was a reddish Corellian Star Shuttle, far nicer a ship than they were expecting. After the ship landed on the platform everyone put all their gear and supplies aboard the vessel.
The trip was pleasant and uneventful on the way to Naboo. CM plugged himself into one of the ships recharging sockets and powered down for most of the trip so he did not have to worry about the deep space flight. all the while Esoom discussed with the other Ithorians what plan of actions would best help out the Naboo and the Gungans.
When they reached the Naboo star system and dropped out of Hyperspace, Esoom woke up the droid and asked him to follow him to the bridge. CM was not to happy about the idea but followed anyway. From one of the tall thin windows they could see Naboo in the distance. It was a big blue/green ball hanging in space, and it grew bigger as they approached.
When they got closer they past the remnants of a Trade Federation Droid control ship, it was torn in two and the center sphere was completely annihilated. There were many ships from different systems collecting debree and dismantling the ship from salvaging rights they have obtained from the Queen and the Gungan leader Boss Nass.
As they descended threw the atmosphere they could see the city of Theed come into view. The city was huge and most of the bigger buildings had dome shaped tops. Small rivers and creeks ran threw the city and ended in spectacular waterfalls. Two yellow and chrome Naboo starfighters escorted them to a covered hanger near the palace. Once they had landed and disembarked the ship the Ithorians were greeted by Sio Bibble the Queen's governor and a Gungan known as Roos Tarpals.
"Welcome my Ithorian friends to Naboo and the city of Theed!" Sio said in a strong yet regal voice " For those of you who will be working with the Gungans please let me introduce you to Roos Tarpals. He will be taking you to see Boss Rugor Nass. Those of you who are here to work with the Naboo please follow me, your belonging will be brought to your rooms later." The Ithorians split into two groups and went on their separate ways.

Next Esoom and CM meet the Queen.......

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