Sunday, March 16, 2008

Backstory part 15

Patches’ new shiny chrome holo eye looked out of place on his dirty multicolored body, none the less he was happy to have a new one that worked. Just as Esoom was putting away the last of the tools he used to fix the astromech the head battle droid shouted out that they were ready to drop out of hyperspace. Patches went over to the nav computer and plugged in and dropped The Tree Hugger out into real space. Esoom went over to one of the droids and asked it to put up an outside view of the ship. On the screen the planet Coruscant was in the distance, Esoom had never seen a planet were the entire world was covered by buildings. He looked in awe and disgust at the same time, the lights from this far away were beautiful but Esoom also wondered what the planet used to look like before the entire native flora and fauna was destroyed.
They dropped out of hyperspace far away from the planet just incase the new transponder ship identification did not put the planets traffic control at ease; they were in a used Trade Federation ship and did not want to get shot out of the sky before they landed.
After a few minutes talking with traffic control and having them check with someone from Naboo about the new registry number they were given permission to land. Suddenly the ship was rocked by blaster fire; the ship was under attack.
“Who is shooting at us! We were just cleared to land!” Esoom shouted as Patches screamed out a similar question at the same time. Esoom pushed a few buttons and the view screen showed two craft circling the ship.
Esoom pushed a button on the communications station and tried to raise the ships. “Attention craft, we are not with the Trade Federation, we have no weapons!”
Another shot shook the ship. Over the COM system came a gruff mans voice, “We know you have no weapons Hammerhead. We scanned your ship and overheard your previous conversation. Surrender your ship or be destroyed in the name of The Black Sun!”
“I will not surrender our ship to the likes of you!” Esoom snapped back. Turning around to his droid crew he shouted out, “Ok boys give these tiny engines all they got and head straight for the planet!” The ship lurched hard as the engine went straight to full power but the other two ships were right on there heals. The two small craft shot repeatedly till they managed to disable the C-9979’s Radiant ion drive.
“That was a big mistake Hammerhead! If we can’t have your ship neither will you!” Came the grizzly voice over the speaker.
The ships shot again and again as alarms and lights started flashing everywhere. Sparks flew from one of the stations as it blew throwing the droid pilot stationed there to the floor. The console then caught fire and thick black smoke started to fill the bridge. Patches wheeled over as fast as could be, while opening up one of his dome plates and putting out the fire with his fire extinguisher.
Suddenly the firing slowed and a new voice crackled over the communications system. “Sorry to crash your party but I thought you could use some assistance Mr. Mendo. “
“Yes please help!” Esoom exclaimed pleading into the mike. “They say they are Black Sun! Be careful!”
“I doubt they are Black Sun sir, even they are not dumb enough to attack this close to the planet with us Jedi around.”
“Jedi! I came all this way to talk to the Jedi!” Esoom cheered.
“Well lets deal with one thing at a time shall we friend.” The Jedi said, “Just sit tight and let me take care of these unsavory characters.”
Esoom watched the view screen and Patches came and joined him after putting out the fire. The two of them watched a sleek fighter ship come swooping in. The other two craft turned their attention to it and started firing. The fighter danced back and forth threw the bolts without so much as a scratch then flew past the ships. The Jedi then turned around and with just one blast to each ship hit them dead on. The two Black Sun want-to-be ships hightailed it and shot into hyperspace.
“Well that takes care of that! So why do want to see the Jedi?” Came the calm voice of the Jedi.
“I am having trouble with my anger and am looking for some guidance.” Esoom came back.
“Well I can direct you to a great public councilor.” The Jedi said.
“Well that is all well and good but I have been told that I have force sensitivity also.” Esoom added.
With a little alarm in his voice now the Jedi replied, “Well that does pose a bit of a problem. Follow me in, your ship is to large to land at the temple itself but I know of a place nearby.”
“Oh thank you my Jedi friend, thank you.”
The bruised and battered Tree hugger slowly limped behind the Jedi’s fighter down into the atmosphere. They were directed to a building with a large and beefy landing platform on its roof. Esoom instructed Lihp to stay on the ship and get his droids working and to keep an eye on the pilot droids who were to do whatever repairs they knew how to do. The huge bay doors of the ship opened wide as Patches and Esoom Mendo took in the panorama of the city. Directly in front of them in the distance was the towering Jedi Temple. It’s huge spires reaching towards the sky. Patches let out a loud whistle of surprise. A familiar voice came from the left as the same Jedi jumped out from his fighter that landed next to them.
“Welcome my Ithorian friend to Coruscant. An air taxi will be here in a moment to pick you up and take you to the Jedi temple. Please be patient for your ride. I am sorry I can not stay and wait with you but I must get back on patrol.”
“Thank you for all your help.” Esoom said.
“May the Force be with you!” The Jedi said as he smiled and bowed. Then he turned to walk back to his small ship.
“Uh, thanks?” Esoom said back as the Jedi jumped into his ship's cockpit and took off.
“Never a boring minute huh.” Patches twittered.
“No my friend, lately the excitement never ends.”
The two of them stood there waiting while taking in the sights of the skyline. All the while Esoom felt a nagging dark sensation pulling at him from somewhere else on the planet.

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