Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ordered The Remote Control

I took the plunge and ordered the most expensive parts for my R2 astromech project today, the remote control system!
Surprisingly the total on the parts is Lucas's favorite number 1138! To bad there is no decimal point in there! LOL
I ordered the same setup that Victor has in his R2 unit; I got the KH916 (FP9CAP + complete 16 channel Hitchhiker System), and the RDFR23 (Dual F/R Speed Cntrl).

The guy from Vantec on the phone was very nice and answered all my questions that I had.
Here is their web address... http://www.vantec.com/index.htm

Here is a picture of what the remote will look like.
Also this is a picture of what the keycoder will look that is attached to a different style remote. (The keycoder is the part attached on the bottom and mine will only have 16 switches.)

Lastly here is a picture of what the controller for the feet looks like on the inside.

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