Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shoulder Hub Work

Well I had to re drill some of my holes closer to the flange because the inner part of the leg was a little thicker than I thought. So I ended up plugging the top four holes on each hub.
Now that everything fits I bolted on the hubs with an electrical cap as a huge washer like in Victor's blog. It is to late at night to go outside to cut off the excess length of the bolts so I will have to do that tomorrow.
I drilled threw the hub and the legs at the same time after I made sure everything was aligned.
I need to widen the holes on the leg side to accommodate the T-nuts, but trying to do it manually and keep the bigger bit perfectly centered was just to hard to do. So I will have to wait to do it till my next trip to Menards when I can get a steep down drill bit to help align the bigger hole.
I would rather wait and take my time on this part than end up with a lopsided R2. If i ever build another R2 I will drill these holes before I glue up the legs. LOL
Also after looking at these photos I think I need to get some better lighting down in my work area if I am going to be working on R2-CM this late at night.

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