Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well today I took the "L" channel that I cut last week for the center foot and drilled 3/8 inch holes on the ends of each of them. Next I centered the center leg on it's side inside the frame and got ready to drill the holes the rest of the way threw into the frame.As I drilled the holes I stuck bolts threw them to keep the "L" channel from shifting.Next I leveled out the frame and took a step bit and widened out the holes to install T-nuts.Next I bolted everything up and measured out where the center of the "L" channel was in relation to the square hole in the frame. Then I centered the leg on that center mark and marked where the threw holes would go.
I took the two pieces back out and clamped them together center on center then drilled the threw holes. After that I bolted them back into the frame. I wont mount the center leg into the frame till I get some outer feet motor holders.

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