Sunday, March 23, 2008

You know the drill?

Well after all the Easter festivities I got a little work done today and some help from family members that came over.
I got a few items I needed from Menard's in the morning like the connecting pipe that will go over the leg pipes to secure them together. ( I still need to cut them to size later.)A hole cutting bit to cut the circle on the back side of the legs.

Plus I put in a few of the T-nuts that fit in. The others will have to wait till the interior side walls are shaved back so they won't be getting in the way.I also drilled the holes that will hold the legs for now. If they are slightly off when I finally get to the skins I will attach another piece of wood in front of the current holes and redo them again. No big sweat.

Now I just need to clean up all the saw dust! LOL

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