Monday, May 19, 2008

the other problem

Ok lets say I have the tire problem fixed with the rubbing and got a new belt.

Here is the other problem I would have with a 6 inch tire. The clearance between the floor and the bottom of my foot shells for the inner and outer feet will be totally different!

I really want the same clearance on both the center foot and outer feet.

I do not know yet how much farther the JAG outer feet shells will go past the motor holders but I do not think they would make up that much difference. That is why I was asking William about his smaller wheels in the first place.

I hate being a Noob some times LOL. I fell like I am pestering people to much.
Here are some pictures of the JAG center foot put together with the A&A motor holder and the 6 inch tire shoved up as far as I can put it. The Omni ball still has to stay on the higher setting to keep the motor holder straight.

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