Saturday, June 7, 2008

Frames almost done!

Last night I took R2-CM to my local gaming shoppe to show some of my gaming friend while we played Star Wars Miniatures. He was a hit even though he is far from done. R2 even got to hang out with Yoda for part of the evening LOL.
Today after work I did some work on my new bearing. I drilled the mounting holes for the frame then put on the mounting hardware for the head. Then test fitted the bottom of the R4 head.
Around 12 noon Jayson and Jason (no relation) came over and we did some work on the frames. After 20 minutes of having issues with my router we took the time to reconfigure the jigs to use Jayson's router.
After the reconfiguration we ran a test piece to make sure everything was good. With a sturdier router we flew threw the last of the dados we had marked out for the day. We also dry fitted all the frames, Here is Jason putting together his....
Me with mine....
And Jayson with his....Here is a pic of us dorks behind our own frames with the extra one on the side.My main R2 unit which we used to double check measurements with looks like a proud papa!Wednesday we will have the frames totally finished.

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