Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jigging and Building

I finally got a new camera phone! YAAAA! No more overly blurry pictures!

Today some of the local builders came back over to help finish the 4 frames which still needed to be finished. The two Jasons of the group cut the side planks that the legs attach too.Due to my table saw not being able to accommodate a dado head cutter I made some nifty gigs that would work with my router. I made 3 jigs all together. One for the round 1/2 inch pieces, one for the round 3/4 inch pieces, and one for the straight 1/2 inch rails.Reaper and Amber helped put the finishing touches on the jigs.Here is a top shot of the two jigs for the round pieces.....And here is a bottom shot of the jig for the straight pieces.Once the jigs were tested Amber cut out the templates so we could mark the placements of the dados.Here is a shot of the 1/2 inch round jig ready for its first cut.The jigs can be used by one person with the help of clamps but it goes faster with two people.
LittleCity controlled the router while i spun the frame pieces in the jig to the next cut out. I need to get a longer 1/2 inch router bit before we can dado out the 3/8 inch board.

A few friends stopped over during the course of the day. Another friend I have not seen sense high school stopped by with her family. MEL! (R2 is on TV!)
Here is Reaper sporting his new R2-Central T-shirt! So Sexy! LOL

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