Saturday, June 21, 2008

Taking R2 for a drive update.

After many successful trys driving R2 around on the smooth level surface of my garage I took R2 out of the garage today to test him on some different surfaces to see how he fared.

He did good on concrete but got stuck in every crack he could find. I may try turning his front foot omni balls around so there are two up front instead of one and see if that does anything if I take edges at an angle. Im beginning to see why people like casters better. LOL Every time he got stuck he lurched forward and made me cringe thinking he would fall right on his new dome. Plus every time there was a decline he would not back up or turn.

I then took him inside on some semi high pile carpet. He would not move an inch. So I took the 12 volts I was using and added another battery to make it 24 volts. That did the trick and R2 moved around pretty good considering. After about a minute he stopped moving again and the 100 watt motors that I got from Andy were very hot to the touch. Once I let them cool down they moved for a while again.
My other motors came in today that are 135 watt instead of 100 watt. Hopefully this will make a difference when I put them in next week.

I also have a 4 inch omni ball that I could use instead of the 3 two inch ones in the center foot but I do not have the time to modify the front foot before OsFest.

So as long as the carpet at OsFest is not super plush or busted up concrete I will leave well enough alone for now and work on the dome.

So for other surfaces other than smooth I give myself an F but an E for effort. :)

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