Saturday, June 14, 2008

This and that

Today I cut a few inches off the center leg to make extra room inside the frame.I then centered the leg in the skirt hole with a couple scrap pieces of 3/4 inch plywood.
I will not attach it till Monday when I have someone to help me.Next I started on the scary part of the dome work. I centered the two halves of the domes and traced all the lines to the inner dome. I then double checked to make sure everything was correct.
I first used a step bit to drill the holes for the dome bumps. I need to sand them a hair bigger later on.Next I drilled out the large holes for two of the holoprojectors.

The mailman then showed up with some parts I needed for another project. An old jukebox that I have been working on. I installed the parts and she worked like new. What does this have to do with R2ing you say? I brought the Jukebox into my work area and installed some old Star Wars 35s and can now listen to old school Star Wars while I work LOL.

While listening to some old tunes I then sanded the rough drilled openings for the holoprojectors. Now you can see right threw my dome. Hahaha.
With the outer dome installed everything looks great.

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