Monday, July 21, 2008

GONK Power Droid

For the few of you who are wondering what a Gonk droid has to do with Astromech building let me explain.

With as big as our local group is getting and the small battery problems that are already coming up I decided to make my Gonk droid functional.
He will have two 1.5amp trickle chargers and two Futaba remote chargers installed. It will also have a compartment to hold extra batteries and motors for the Astromechs. If time permits I will put in a CD player that repeats the GONK noise from time to time.

First I shaved off the handles on the Rubbermaid containers I got a few weeks ago.

Then I cut out two "E" shapes for the sides out of styrene.
Next I cut a piece of styrene to cover up the top of the GONK.
Later this week I will start building the leg structure and the internal support structure for the chargers. I will also be messing with the skins on my R2 frame as well.

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