Sunday, July 6, 2008

Skin Work

I went threw a few other blogs and I did not see any pictures of how people cut out the smaller panels so I thought I would show you the way I did it.
First I scored the inside of the tabs with a sharp exacto knife.
Secondly I carefully scored the outside of the tabs making sure I did not slip and mar the skin.
Then lightly I flex the panel to be removed back and forth till the tab brakes on the score line. The last tab or two I then gently rock back and forth till it snaps. Do not bend the panel all the way in one direction or you might get a divot in an area you do not want it.

Now just repeat on all the other ones.
Now both sets of my skins are cut out and just need to have the tabs sanded down.Also today I temporarily glued some of the dome panels on for OsFest next week on my droid so you wont see all the big holes.I also mounted the bottom dome ring so you won't see the lazy susan.


Cars Cars Cars said...

nice blog

Samurai said...

Nice thing about taking so long to build... most of those panels popped out by the time it shipped and I got to the skins.