Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Slap me some skin!

My feet shells are fully dried and now sit with my second frame.

I got my two sets of aluminum skins. That is a lot of aluminum!
I spent the next hour cutting out all the panels on one set of skins.
As usual I had to take a test fit picture LOL.
On a side note I decided to use this remote control car that I have never used and turn it into a mouse droid. More on that later.
After all the trouble we had with my router Jason, Jayson, and me made a custom router table that we will use to make the wood legs.


Victor Franco said...

Everything looks good, but that custom router table is awesome!


Samurai said...

i don't know if you are cutting the rear door out, but I found it a lot easier to get it cut out before removing the panels. The panels give the skins some strength and help dissipate the heat. This is really just for the inner rear skins.

Also I used Darrin's suggest about using the 3M Supper 77 spray to attach the skins. After testing it I found that it had a good bond adn was still a little flexible. I JB Welded the doors and panels on and they gave the skins it's rigid strength. My rear door and skin is solid now.