Sunday, August 10, 2008

3 domes at once

Last night after the movie theater I took my dome completely apart and cleaned up most of the hot glue that was holding everything on.

After work I spent a few hours wet sanding the primer on my panels to get rid of most of the spin marks.
After a while my fellow builder friends Clay and Dash came over to work on their domes as well. First Dash cut the lower ring off of his C&D dome.

Then Dash made a template to mark out the various line heights and widths.

At the same time Clay changed his pitman motor in his droid to one with a little more speed so he can spin the dome faster.
Once we were done messing with the other two domes and my friends had left I put another coat of primer on my dome panels. With a light sanding to take the orange peel off tomorrow evening I will put the first coat of "Ithorian" brown on.

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