Friday, August 8, 2008

Aluminum Work

After work today I went and got all the paint and glue supplies I would need to put my dome together after the Clone Wars Pre-release event this Saturday.

I did a final sanding on all my dome panels then washed them thoroughly. Next I put 2 coats of primer on them that I will sand on Sunday. Three of the panels I will have to glue back on the dome for now so you can not see the holes in his head.

After that I sanded and cleaned all the front door pieces for the body.
After a while Jason came over with his new C&D dome and cut some of the extra material off of it.

After helping Jason for a bit I finished gluing the front door panels together will some 3M super 77 glue.

A few hours later I hot glued the body panels into place. It may not look that great but at least the cameras wont see threw the body this weekend. LOL Once I get the dome all together I will start putting the body together the right way. I still need to take off all the hot glue strings before Saturdays movie.

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