Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dome Stuff

My Picaxe boards came in yesterday along with the resistor pack chip to make servos work. I changed out the chip and cut the resistor to seperate power. My actual PicAxe 18x chips will be here today.
Changing chips....
On my dome I filed the rear display to the right size and JB welded in some 4-40 bolts to hold everything together.
Next I traced out the hole for the rear PSI
I taped of the dome to protect it and drilled out the rough shape of the hole.
Then I filed the hole up to the pen line...
and then took off the burs with a smaller file.
I THen Taped off the dome to keep overspray off of it
I then primed, wet sanded, and painted the area.
I took off the tape and paper and set it aside to dry. Today is Wednesday so hopefully it is cured enough by Saturday.

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