Friday, September 12, 2008

Eye Eye Captain!

I taped my eyepiece where I wanted it and drilled from the inside of the dome where the eye holes are just a hair so I can then take the eye piece over to the drill press.
I then took the 4 shallow drill marks and drilled them deeper into the eye parallel to one another.
Using a 4-40 tap I made threads in the holes.
After test fitting everything I then put some liquid nail on the threads with a nut on them and tightened them up.
Once dry I cut off the head of the bolt and cleaned up the threads by backing the nut off. Then I started to re prime the piece. Somehow someones cheap primer got in my collection of cans and I got a few drips on the first spray. Even though I was mad I continued to prime it with one of my cans.
It is hard to see the drips in the photos but they are there. I will set it aside till this weekend till I have time to fix it. So much for painting it brown tonight :(
At least Droid #2 is coming along pretty good!

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