Friday, October 3, 2008

Holo eye movement

My base plate came in today and it fits like a glove.
I do not have a slip ring yet so I took one of my extra batteries and put Velcro on the bottom of it.
Then I used a bungee cord to strap it down to the plate. Now my dome can turn 360 degrees while having power in the dome.
I soldered some wires on to one of my PICAXE18 boards and put in a simple servo movement program. I then tested it to make sure it worked before installing it in the dome.
I also attached some other wires for opening doors which i will connect up later.
I used Velcro on the unit and attached it just above the front logics.
Placing the servo where I wanted it i temporarily used Velcro to hold it down
I used some thin but rigid wire and connected the servo and the holoeye together.
Here is a short video of the holoeye movement I have programed in.

I did not want it to fast and erratic but this might be a bit to slow LOL, I will make some other programs and try them out till i find one i like.

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Jayson Towne said...

How much did your dome base plate cost you?