Thursday, October 16, 2008

R2 has legs! He knows how to use them...

Before i left for work I filled in some of the screw holes and put a coat of paint on one section of the R2 floor.
After work Jayson came over with some of the plywood needed to make 5 sets of legs.
We plotted out where we wanted each piece so we could jig saw them down to a more manageable size.
After a while Brad and Clay came over to help with the cutting. It is fall here and the temp is falling fast, the first frost will be tonight.
You can see one of my painted floor sections to the right that is still drying.
After a while Brad and Clay had to leave and Jayson and I finished cutting out the rest of the pieces and cleaned up. We got most of the 1/2 inch pieces cut and will do the 3/4 inch pieces another day. Once everything is cut out we will start to router them smooth.

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