Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vala's pumpkin patch

I went to this event thinking It was a small gig out in the country. It was out in the country but the event itself was huge! There had to be 10,000 people there by the time I had to leave for a second event. I am glad we got there early before the 501st to set up otherwise we would have never got in. I am glad my friend Denny decided to come and help out and take pictures because as soon as the gates opened we never got a break.

Here is Patches being set up before the gates opened on half of the new platform.
After about an hour the 501st started showing up. They even brought a gonk droid that they made overnight.
Patches was scared of Vader.
More 501st showed up
Vala's dragon took a picture with us.
By 1pm all the members that were going to show did. Denny was taking pictures like mad for the public and the 501st. The public themselves posed for pics all day long.
Here I am taking a pic with the 501st. I'm third from the left with the leather jacket.
The platform I made worked out well and held all of us with no problem.
Thanks again Denny for all your help.

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