Friday, December 12, 2008

More Leg Work

Jen, Brad, Jayson, and Clay came over to do some more leg work last night.
Brad brought his R2 dome over to show everyone that he has been working on.
We started off by making a jig to cut the front 3 3/8 hole in the front. It will also be used to cut a 3 1/2 hole in the back side.
All the front holes turned out perfect.
Here is one with one of Kieth's resin parts in it.
Next we lined up the shoulder hubs and drilled the threw holes.
Then we used a step bit on the back part of the legs to widden the holes to the next size for the T-nuts. A step bit widdens holes exactly centered but they are not long enough to go all the way threw. We had to come back with a regular bit and finish each hole the rest of the way threw.
The T-nuts fit perfectly.
All 5 sets of legs just need the under shoulder details cut out and they are ready for glue up.
It is almost 10pm and it is starting to ice outside so we called it a night and do them next week.

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