Thursday, December 4, 2008

Patches back together

Last time I reported on Patches he was in a few hundred pieces so I could sand the frame and show the other local builders how the legs go together.....
After a lot of sanding the frame is finally fitting the skins. No clue why this frame was so big in the first place? A few of the ribs had a slight bow in them as well.

Here is what Patches was reduced to just a few days ago...
...and now he has his skins on the right way and his electronics back in :)
Not perfect but close enough.
After the Sac Museum this weekend I will take the outer skins off and sand them, give them one more shot of paint, then clear coat them.
I tried to fit a few of the resin pieces, the power coupler sits to high :( I will have to shave some wood of the inside of the frame later.
I took Kieth's resin octagon port and cut all the extra resin off with a saw...
Then trimmed it flush with a blade.
It fits perfectly to the inside of the outer skin now that I cut the inner skin a hair wider.
It is pretty cold in the BARN even with the heater but I attempted to paint some parts anyway.
After the primer was dry and sanded I put 2 coats of white paint on a few of the front doors.
Like the skins I will have to finish them after this weekends event because they will not have enough time to cure properly by then if I do more painting tomorrow.

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