Wednesday, December 24, 2008

R4-MM dome back from the ashes

People have been asking what happened to my R4 dome project so here is an update....

A while back I lent my R4 dome out to be assembled and used on another droid for a while, when I got it back I was not happy with what I got so I put it away in a corner to be fixed later.

Now that events are winding down and it is to cold to work outside in the barn I have dug it out of hiding.
Here is what it looks like after a few hours of removing packing tape from it.The side seam is way off and needs redone.And the top is also out of alignment.After another few hours I got the tape glue mostly off and the top ripped off and re-glued on the right way.(forgot picture)

Then I went to the store and got some old time wood clamps. I tore apart the bottom part of the side seam and clamped it together with the clamps and a scrap of wood.
The bottom part of the seam is now nice and tight and straight as you can see. I am not going to glue it just yet though, I am going to leave it clamped up for a week so the styrene gets some new memory.
The upper part of the seam will be a little more tricky but at least the bottom will now be perfectly round and fit the base ring properly when I do get around to gluing it.

I do think R4-MM will be a different color dome wise. I can not find a shade of Mace Windu purple I like LOL.

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