Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Under Leg Details

Tonight the R2-Central builders finished up the leg details.
First Brad and I cut the internal leg holders.
Jayson, Clay, Brad, Jen, Denny and me worked on the last detail before glue up. The under arm detail.
We then double checked our measurements against my droid and went to town.
We first marked out where we wanted to cut with a template.
Clay cut out the center part of the detail on Dash's band saw.
Tam and Reaper worked on some chain mail for Tam's Link costume while we worked on the legs.
Once we had the router set up it was time to do the outer pieces.

Jayson and Brad worked on the chiseling out the corners while the rest of us finished up the routing.
Next we all built a jig for gluing up the legs
The R2-Central Crew minus Dash and Talon who could not make it.

Front row left to right: Reaper, ClayBo, Tam.
Back row left to right: Moose, Jen, Falcon-One, Kitt, Little City.
(Yes we all have such wonderful names LOL)
We took a pizza break half way threw the build, Jayson brought his dome in to compare his lines to my 300 dome. Spot on work I must say :)
While we were eating pizza and warming back up we watched R2LA 2008 and talked Droid.
On the next build day we will be gluing up the legs. YAAAAA!

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