Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slip Ring Working

I started off by making a notch in my aluminum dome plate so the slip ring connectors fit threw.
I also widened the outer bolt holes a tad so it is easyer to slip on and off the lazy Susan.
I then took the slip ring with the end connectors I put on last time and went outside in the cold and coated the ends with the same liquid plastic that you use to make handles on tools. This should help protect the thin fragile wires from breaking off inside the connector.
When it finally dried I wrapped the rest of the wires in bright yellow electrical tape.
Next I made the positive and negative wires for the plug in connectors on both sides of the ring that go to the power board in the body and the voltage converter in the dome.
Here is the finished slip ring attached to the plate.
I put the plate on and attached the connectors, then attached the power side to a 12v output on the power board.
In the dome I attached the connector to the 12v side of the 5.5v step down which will supply power for almost everything.
I still need to put some wire ties on to make sure nothing binds up but everything powered right up with no voltage drop off and no magic smoke while rotating the dome at full speed. LOL

Patches is happy to have his head on once again and one top heavy battery lighter :)

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