Saturday, March 21, 2009

R2-Central's one year anniversary.

Surprising how much happens in one year, today we had a little barbecue and build day for the group, everyone brought something to eat and their R2s.
Left to right is... Talon, Steve, Clay Jayson, Brad, Jason, Moose, and Jen.
Droids Left to Right in the back row is... First Two are Talon's, next is Clay's, then Brad's , and the last two are mine.
Droids Left to right in the front row are, Jason's, then Jayson's, another one of Jason's, and the last one is Jen's.
Everyone was busy as bees working on all sorts of different projects threw out the day....
Steve brought his metal lathe so we could make custom spacers for our motor mounts.Steve showed LC, LC showed Talon...Talon showed me...
I showed Jen...
We all took the time to enjoy the warm spring weather that finally showed up.
LC cooked up some burgers and the rest of us brought some side dishes to eat.
Brad's wife even made us an R2 cake! YUM!Also we had a few guests like this lady from the CREATIVE Robots society who wanted to know more about what we do.
Patches and Ed were even enjoying being outside for a change :)
Once I get all the photos from the other builders I will post more about what we did today.

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~Jen said...

Day was LONG but fun! ;oD