Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back-story Part 21

It has been about six years since Esoom Mendo the Ithorian, Patches the astromech, Lihp the Jawa, and the Battle Droid crew saved the Queen of Naboo.

The Tree Hugger is just leaving the atmosphere of Tatooine after dropping off Lihp for an extended stay back with his people.

R2-CM is tending to some light repairs on the landing struts after the many year of use. These C-9979 landing craft were never meant to be in operation full time for so many years and certain systems are starting to show the strain.

Over the years the Battle Droid crew has had their numbers dwindled down to 48 due to missions, and just bad design. The leader 4791 is still functioning and is still the loyal leader of the group.

Esoom, now at peace with himself and his people, is tying down the land speeder Lihp left behind in the front left wing where all Lihp’s other parts and scraps are strewn. Esoom then makes his way down the dull metal covered hall to the rear left wing to relax and meditate. Opening a custom built sealed door, like the ones in the Jedi Temple, the Ithorian steps inside. Inside are many types of plants and fauna along with his now 10 foot tall Bafforr tree, the smell of purple flowers fill this area of the musty ship.

Sitting on a lush circle of grass in the center of the long room Esoom folds his legs and begins to meditate about all the adventures he had with Lihp saving forest, seas, and animals on many worlds from corrupt corporations and governments. As word spread of the crew of the Tree Hugger, many worlds have started to seek their help including the Jedi. Just as many people want their help, some want to see them dead and have put bounties on Esoom’s head. It is of no concern to the Ithorian as he knows what he is doing is right.

Minutes later, R2-CM (Patches) finishes fixing the landing stabilizer down in the bottom of the ship so it will land smoother. The brown and white astromech makes his way to the bridge to check on the battle droids and see how far it is till they reach Taris. They’re being asked to investigate an illegal mining ring that a gang of Duros might be running.

Entering the bridge of the massive ship, Patches checks the instruments and talks with 7491. Suddenly the com beeps with an incoming message, it is the Jedi temple on the planet Coruscant. Patches zips over the bridges deck plates and plugs his data port into the access port. The holo image comes into view it is the image of Master Yoda.

“Greetings little one.” The holo said in a happy but gruff voice as Patches chirped happily back, “With Esoom I must speak, information the Jedi Council has for him yes.”

Patches zoomed out of the bridge and made his way towards the left rear wing. Entering the room R2-CM sees the Ithorian in deep concentration. The little droid goes to a wall port and plugs in as Esoom opens his eyes to the sound of the droids servos.

Out of Patches front holo master Yoda reappears.

“Ah Esoom, long time has it been sense I talked with you last, good to see you it is.”

“Greetings Master Yoda, how can I help you?” The Ithorian says standing to his feet and walking closer to the hologram.

“A request I have for you, the investigation into illegal mineral mining, info I have.”

“I am humbled that the Jedi would offer help on this new assignment.”

“Yes, Taris, our information leads us to believe the Trade Federation it is, up to its old tricks I believe.”

“Thank you, I will put it to good use. Is there something else?”

“Beware Esoom, for this path is clouded, the dark side it must be. Take care in you quest, clear your mind must be.”

“Yes, I will be mindful” Esoom said calmly.

“Contact me when you have proof, go to the Senate I will and tell them, stopped the Trade Federation must be.”

“As you wish,” Esoom went over to patches and leaned against one of his legs. “Patches and I will get right on it.”

The holo faded and the brown and white astromech disconnected from the wall, chirping happily.

“Yes my friend you are right, this might be our biggest job yet.”

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