Monday, May 18, 2009

Dome motor holder prototype

The other day I made my own version of a butcher block dome motor holder that will work with a wood frame. This version is totally different than the current JAG version, it is an inch longer, wider and a 3/8 thicker. After a years worth of events I have now snapped both of the JAG versions at their thinnest points and still has some squeaking when changing direction after adjusting it many times.
The redesign uses a three point bolt mounting point instead of two with no router work done to on the middle piece to weaken the structure. The outer butcher block holding mounts are textured instead of smooth to further reduce the drag area of the mount.
I had a problem getting the motor wholes drawn on such a slippery surface so I clamped a spare motor top onto the plastic and sprayed it with primer.
Now all four holes are colored grey where I need to drill.
I then made an aluminum holding bracket out of some plate stock and cut the frame to the shape of the mount I created.Here is my version mocked up before final assembly. With one of the Pittman motors that Clay got from work and the original JAG wheel from my broken original mounts it works quite well.
With more clearance to get at the Allen screws on the wheel and the motor screws easy to remove it only takes two minutes to replace a busted motor if you have to.
For a prototype it works well, I will refine the design on my second one.

Because this motor holder is somewhat loosely based on the JAG version I will not be making any for anyone outside my local build area without JAG's expressed permission so please don't ask. If JAG would like to see my refinements and use them in a future version of his, that is fine by me :)

I could use another JAG dome wheel though LOL.

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