Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Work day

Tonight is another work night and Brad is bringing the motor controllers we ordered with him later tonight so I brought R4-ED in the BARN and prewired everything up.
Dash was the first one here and he started to cut out another set of motor holders for his second droid.
Jen, Steve, and Little City riveted on the top channels of their current motor holders.
Everyone was hard at work on their feet projects and I helped get them caught up where I could.
LC even got some work on his experimental wood 2-3-2 R2 done
Jen has a nice set of....opps, nice start to her motor holders.
Around 9pm Brad brought over the motor controller after wiring his R2 up at home, Brad held ED's wires in place as I tightened them.
I need to shorten the wires later and route them but for now this is good to test everything out.
Considering there was not a wire in his frame at the start and total time of wiring is just under 30 minutes I am happy. LOL
I connected power and he would not go forward right so two wires had to be switched around.
It took a minute using the remote for my mouse droid that I have in ED as I have yet to find a cheap remote to use for the droid. The main thing is... ED LIVES!
This now makes three more local droids up and moving around in less than two weeks!

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