Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frame run #2 Day #2

We started off at my house cutting all the straight pieces to width and lenght.
Then we headed over to Brad's and started working over there. It was nice to get out of my own garage for a change!
Dawmer and me cut out the templates for the frame.
While we did that Brad and Dash worked on their skirts.
I drew the inner circles on the wood and Dawmer drilled the pilot holes for the jig saw.
We traced out the templates onto the wood...

I did as much jig saw work as my lung could handle and handed it off to Brad while I acted as a human clamp.
After a few adjustment to my jigs so they worked with Dash's router Dash routed out all the pieces.
During the whole build Brad's KITT was supervising :)
We got a lot done and should be able to get all four frames dry fitted by the end of the next build.
After we were done building we had a BBQ and a swim in Brad's back yard.
It was great to have a swim!
Tuesday we are going to work at Brad's again then go see the midnight showing of Transformers.

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Anonymous said...

Wow guys! Just looked at the last few blog entries on this page. You guys are on fire.

Very nice. Wish I could hang out there.

Mike Senna