Monday, June 1, 2009

Italian Festival

The R2-Central builders and the 501st getting ready to go on patrol.
Ed and Lumpy entertained the onlookers by dancing on the dance floor to Star Wars Disco.
This is ED's first mobile event, Patches stayed at home.
Lots of Troopers! Serena is the short one whos armor we worked on earlier in the week.
The crowds were good to the droids but I can not say the same for the statues.
Taking a droid for a walk day.
Towards the end of the day ED and Lumpy both took a fall due to some casters locking up and some bad cracks in the cement . I am glad I did not take Patched now! After some TLC they were both back up and running. We will fix the problems when we get back.

ED and Lumpy patrolling the river after being fixed.

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