Friday, July 24, 2009

Skin Job

Today I took off the front skin so I could do some small detail work.

After taping off the painted parts for safety I made a small countersink in the rear under skin so the screws you see in the front would be flush to the body from now on.I also filed down some side tabs that were overlapping a bit.
I put the front skins on again and did all the same prep work for the rear outer skins that have never been on.
They line up perfect on this side.
On the other side I have a small gap on the lower tab. I will just fill this in with white caulk or paint so you can not tell as much.
I did a test fit of the rear door and it seams to fit so far. I need to do some trimming to the rear panel of the door before I glue them both together permanently.
Also with the legs off I can later mount the big front door servos more permanently so they do not come loose from the Velcro.

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