Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Most productive work day yet

Last night we did a ton of work.
LC worked on his skirt and helped out.

Steve got his leg work caught up with everyone else.Kevin fixed a lose joint in his frame.
Brad and Syrena set up the router table and everyone routed out the under arm detail areas.

While they were doing that I cut the tips off some of the leg pieces to turn them into the rear leg piece.
I traced out the shoulder hubs, Dash rough cut them out and Steve found the center of them to do the final cut on the band saw.
LC continued to sand his skirt.
Once Steve had his legs caught up, him and Dawmer started doing some frame work.
I showed Kevin and Syrena how to glue up their R2 legs next. With the new brad nailer I got it is a lot easier to tack things together instead of using screws.
With all the clamps we had we were able to glue up two hole sets.
At the end of the night Syrena and Kevin tightened up the clamps one more time and cleaned up any left over glue.
Picture of all the builders who came and helped. Great job guys!

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