Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Denver Star Wars concert

Brad, Syrena, Jen, and I went to Denver to see the Star Wars concert last weekend.
We went down the day before to do some shopping and to see Brad and Syrena's old stomping grounds in Pueblo. Everywhere you looked there was beautiful landscapes.

The next morning we went into Denver with some of our Colorado friends and went exploring.
Here is a pic of us with Azmin's R2 and a guy as C-3p0 all the way from Utah.
One of our friends was dressed up as a wookie and during intermission he entertained some of the passers bye.
We had a blast seeing the sites LOL
The concert was huge!
If you hunt real hard you can find Han.....somewhere.
After the show we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that was half theme park.
Brad saved us from the dragon in the back room with his new lightsaber.
Fountain outside the restaurant.Jaka getting in on the fun :)
More pictures to come....

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