Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wally World

The 501st invited us to an event at an Iowa Walmart to help sell some Star Wars toys and raise some money for the children's hospital.

Patches loved the long smooth floors of the store. Here he is checking out the new DROID phone.
The Biker scout was in heaven with all the bikes.
R2 and Patches having fun together.
Group shot of everyone that came.
We even did the Thriller pose.
Making the rounds.
Plotting my next droid army maybe......?
On the way to the event at my friends comic shop, I found a bust of a famous Ithorian for Patches. LOL
After the event and we were unloading my friend Denny surprised me with a printed version of R2-CM's back story. It is so different to read it on paper instead of a PC screen :) Thanks Denny!

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