Sunday, January 24, 2010

Workshop 2.0 Part FOur

I built a workbench for the shop today. Big enough to hold two full sized droids to be worked on while standing up. Here I am building the top.
After two hours or so this is what I have. The top has a layer of Masonite to make it nice and smooth. It can easily be changed out when it gets worn out.
Dawmer came over and let me use his saw to do some final cuts on the bench top. Then we gave the bench a trial run. We put both our droids on it and bolted both our center legs in. Then I showed Dawmer how to solder the motor wires once I mounted R3's motor holders.
Dawmer soldering his wire connectors.
I love how this workbench turned out, now I just got to clean the place up and paint it.

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