Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting back to basics

With the new programing in my CF3 1 gig of space for sounds and music is not enough so I upgraded to an 8 gig card. Now to pick out some music!
After a while the guys started to come over for a build night. LC was first and I helped him mark out his lower dome ring so he could cut it to size.
Next Dawmer showed up and I showed him how and where to rivet his motor mounts together.
It was tough but he got it done.
Dash came over with his R&J dome and we compared it to Patches 300.
The R&J is an inch taller and has a higher forehead, but the aluminum of the R&J is denser and less prone to scratches.
Once everyone was going on their projects I went to work putting the rest of Jen's R3 skins on.
Group Picture for the night.

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