Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Patches' emergency leg surgery

Riding in the back of a truck or trailer has taken a tole on Patches. Unlike all the other R2 legs I have built Patches' legs were purchased from the club. The thin layer of paper board used in the kit has de-laminated over time and split in two. Not the best material to use in something structural. (Not saying the club legs are not great, just that I would add screws to them as well when you put them together.) The legs I make now have no such paper layer and they are nailed and screwed together so they should not have the same problem. I plan to take R2-CM's legs off tomorrow and get as much glue as possible into the splits them clamp them together. Then I will put a ton of screws through them to hold them together like my other legs instead of depending on the wooden dowels that can loosen over time.

While I have the legs off I am going to go ahead and do the finishing work along with R3's legs.

Here are some pictures of just the top side of the cracks. My poor R2 :(

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