Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two steps back

Instead of being mad about the legs splitting I decided I will do a more in depth step by step on how to fix this problem with the legs if it happens to anyone else out there.

I started by removing all the painted parts from the legs that could be damaged by the clamps.
Then I removed the motor holders. Dawmer came by and helped me flip R2 over on hid dome ring.
Here are a few of the parts I took off the legs.
I can't believe I have him this far back apart again after only a week. At least now I can fix the servo that is behind his leg as well.
Brad came over as well to lend a hand and we took the leg parts down to the workshop.
I wedged a screwdriver in the crack and pulled it apart. We dripped glue in and I brushed it all the way down inside covering the surfaces as much as possible.
Then the cracks were clamped together and set aside to dry. Tomorrow before I take the clamps off I will add some course thread drywall screws around the perimeter to enforce everything. Then I will start on the cracks on the bottom side of the legs which are very small thankfully.
I also bought a truckload of 2x4s to make a crate for Patches so this kind of stress does not happen again in transport. Thanks Brad and Dawmer for lending a Moose a hand tonight :)

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Jeff "Dawmer299" said...

Your Welcome Buddy. You would be ther for me! :)