Monday, July 19, 2010

R2-Central on TV

R2 trying on to fit into the SNAP furry suit.
Quiet on the set!
Today a few of us members went to the news station to help promote this weekends three day CON here in Omaha Nebraska called OSfest. This is OSfest's 3rd year and we have been there from the start.
Brad's R2 had fun hamming it up for the camera while Snap the Furry was bouncing around behind us. :)
We will have seven R-series droids at the CON along with T3, and a few other Star Wars droids. KITT from Knight Rider and the TARDIS will be there as well.

Click this link to see the video!

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Jawa Jaka said...

FANTASTIC! Can't wait, already packing the car!