Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Star Wars In Concert

Yet another SWIC and it is still as popular as ever! This time it was two shows in Iowa.
The public was great and well behaved. Every minute we were trooping we posing for pictures so we do not have many of our own. This first one is taken by my friend Tom.
Everyone loved Brad's R2 and my droid Patches (R2-CM).
Syrena was sporting her new RL Jedi as well.
The force is strong with these two.
After 4 shows I did finally get to see the Big J man's sheet music! Very impressive!
Thank you to the 501st for inviting the Rebel Legion and R2-Central yet again. :)

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Jawa Jaka said...

Congrats on another wonderful event! Looks like all you Jedis had loads of fun! Patches is looking good, too...