Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting ready for Nebraskon aka Fall clean out

Now that CV is over it is time to get ready for a local con called Nebraskon here in Omaha.
With the basement workshop cleaned, it is time to start on the garage.
This way I have room to work and my blog pictures won't look so as bad as the next three below. LOL
Here it what it looks like before the clean out with the mowers and other lawn stuff taken out.
All the work benches are completely covered.
I can't even get to the tools with a TARDIS blocking the way.
Even with taking ED's frame, the gonk, and R3's body out I still have a ton to move.
Next I will take T3 out and clean the dust off and put him downstairs. I plan to do a total update to T3's electronics anyway.

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