Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fixing Boo Boos

After taking 4 days away from building to get other personal stuff done and relax a bit I went back to work on a few projects. Started off by doing some more trimming to my Sandtrooper armor so it fits right. All the leg pieces are a bit long and not wide enough. So after trimming I will ad some more ABS to the back side.
Then one one corner of K-9 the side was bulging out a bit to far due to the reinforcements moving during the time it took the glue to set up. So I ended up carefully breaking it all back apart taking out the reinforcements as I went. Here is a picture of the carnage.

Here is a quick dry fit to see if I can get it to line back up properly. It does thankfully! Once I clean all the old glue out I will put it back together again with  new reinforcement brackets.  I also built the articulation of his neck and will install that before putting the rest of the body together.

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