Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The 501st Central Garrison  was nice enough to invite the Rebel Legion and R2-Central to the Shenfest Parade in Iowa. Just our luck by the time we drove all the way there it started raining.  We were bound and determined to still troop this event so we only used the the weatherproof droid heads.
Here we all are in our 501st and RL costumes getting caught in the rain.
Right before the parade started it went from rain to a downpour! Poor droids and troopers!
A little rain will not stop a true Star Wars fan :) Here we are, all smiles :)
Vader riding in style. The mouse droid is hiding from him.

As luck would have it the rain stopped once we got back to base after the parade.
Poor EG got a little waterlogged but is ok. LOL

Thanks again to the 501st for a great day. We look forward to the parade again next year!

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