Sunday, October 3, 2010

TV time for K-9

Today was a mess with K-9's view screen. A friend let me test out a screen that he had that was just collecting dust. For some reason the system kept crashing or not booting up at all when using an SD card for file input to I switched to using a USB flash stick. Then all sound control went dead so I had to open the unit up to re-solder two loose joints. Then with that fixed there was a 5 second per one minute lag between picture and sound. So after 10 minutes of viewing the sound was 50 seconds behind. So either I have to find a different format or chop everything up into one minute segments. Even if I do get that fixed I don't think I can format the sounds so they will be loud enough to hear from outside.  Hopefully once I take another crack at it I can get this thing working properly without it breaking down, if not at least it will work better than when I borrowed it LOL.

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