Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bed frame project revealed!!!!

Here is a link to the finished project!!!
LinkFinished TRON room!!!

Well here it is, the bed frame project relieved. I am building a section of Flynn's hideout from TRON Legacy as well as some of the props in the room and Flynn's white outfit.

Got a lot done today, getting all the pieces cut and ready to weld.

My friend Tim came over to lend a hand and helped keep the pieces lined up while I welded them. Thanks for the help Tim!
Welding a section of the floor together.

Grinding the welds smooth.

Once I got this section all welded up I took it home and put the special plastic I got on top from Bellevue Glass and Mirror. (Dad's store) The protective paper on the plastic did not want to come off.
Once the plastic was in place I did a test lighting to see how it looked. Ya! just like in the movie! It better for how much this plastic costs!
Even with no center support it can hold my weight. HUZZAH!
Here I am on the section of floor with some other props I have been working on. The "BITS" that are on top of the fireplace and Flynn's Identity disk. More info on them later........

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Tosh- Nique said...

So what did you use to light it up? And how? Also what type of plastic is that?