Monday, March 28, 2011

Planet Comic Con

Another great year with friends and stars! Until this weekend I did not know Jeremy (Boba) was in a few early Doctor Who stories. So now I finally have my first Doctor Who cast autograph. LOL

Look what I found at dinner!
Going go carting with the 501st. Jeremy (Boba) even took a ride!
Jen Miller driving her droid as I follow. Going to go do a 501st/R2 panel.

StarGate SG-1 meets SG-U!
501st group picture. I am on the right somewhere. LOL
Dude! It is baby Boba all grown up! No time to play football with him this time, lots of people for him to see.

Dude and Classic Fett.
Got tons more photos on Facebook under Moose Mendolia. Plan to go again next year!


Steven said...

Oh, so now it's Jenn's droid huh. She drives it around once and I automatically lose ownership... hmm, well now that I think about it, I suppose that's what happens when a guy gets married. OK nevermind, pretend I didn't say anything. ;)

DarthMoose74 said...

It is named Jen's Bane remember. LOL

Jessica said...

LOL @ Steven!

It could be worse. Well actually this is funny. The TV station did a piece on Megacon and stated that the kid with me was my daughter.

I didn't even know I had a daughter? Since she's 7 it would be before I even knew Todd. LOL.

Besides, I don't know how long Jen & Moose have been together but if it's any consultation to Jen, I've been with Todd since November of 2004. He didn't ask me to marry him till December 2008. ;D The good ones are worth the wait.

Tuck said...

I am so envious of you finding TRON! Where did you find it? This way, I'll know for next year. I admit, I only ate at one restaurant the entire time I was in KC, LOL. RJ's bob-b-que. I am Indy/The Spirit.