Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reading is fun!!

Packed up R3 to help Trish and Shooter with Trish's Dad's reading class as he could not go today. We brought our Star Wars gear to the school to surprise the kids for passing their reading class this year.
Boo the wonder reading dog did not know what to think of the moving, talking fire hydrant. LOL
The kids were surprised to see us. Trish was in her Tie, Shooter was in his Stormtrooper, Boo was himself, and I hid in the back of the class and drove R3.
Fun group photo!
As an added bonus Trish and Shooter gave out Lego Star Wars toys to the kids as well as some Star Wars books for the school.  Very cool of them to donate all of that!
Once we were done we popped into another class that wanted to take a picture with us.
It was a fun afternoon! It is great to do good for the community! Thanks T&J for inviting R3 and me!

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