Friday, March 23, 2012

A little help from my peeps. :)

The past two days Jen and Denny have been helping me out a lot with the cutting I need to do on the saws.
Denny helped me put this jig together last night. I almost made it out to the wrong angle till he pointed out it was the wrong side of the angle scale. LOL Now it is correct and cutting true. Thanks Denny!!!
This morning I prepped the table saw for all the pieces Jen would cut for me this afternoon.
Here is Jen, my girlfriend....OOOOPS!!!! I should not say that now that we are engaged. XD
Here is my Fiance, cutting away at the table saw with no help from me. She is finally proficient enough to not need my help anymore. Cutting wood and looking smexy doing it. :)
Slowly the pile of cut lumber pieces gets bigger and bigger. After two hours of cutting board after board, Jen took a break, but not before helping clean up the mess. I am one lucky Moose to have her. :)
During the afternoon hours I took all the pieces she cut and started to put them all together. Darn, I forgot to take a photo of that part. lol
That evening Denny came back over to check on our progress and also helped me make a new rip fence for the table saw. This one is WAY more accurate than the stock one that came with it.
More to come!!!!!!!!!!!

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